2000 R6 Oil/Filter Change (With Pictures!)

According to the R6 User’s Manual, an oil and filter change is due every 4,000 miles. Here is an illustrated guide to make it easier for you.

Preparation: Proper preparation can make for a quick and clean job, so here’s what you need.

Phillips head screw driver
16mm wrench
torque wrench (if possible)
oil filter wrench (if possible, but I didn’t use it) or a long screw driver
oil pan with at least 3 quart capacity
newspapers, lots
paper towels, lots
pair of rubber gloves(make for much cleaner hands)
1. Fairing removal

Park the bike on level ground. A rear stand would better, but using the kick stand is ok. I like to lean the bike next to a wall so I can retract the kick stand and make the lower fairing come off easier.

Unbolt the fairing mounting bolts. There are 6 of them, 2 big ones 4 small ones.

Underneath the swingarm, where the left and right cowlings join together, there are 2 clips holding the two cowlings. Slide the right cowling (facing you) backwards to undo the clips. They might be stuck together quite tight so you might have to use some force.

Slide the cowling off the bike.

2. Draining the oil.

Start the bike and warm it up for a few minutes. Warm oil flows more freely than cold oil, so it’s easier to drain. Position the oil pan under the drain bolt on top of some newspapers.

Using a 16mm wrench, loosing the oil drain bolt. Break it loose and then unbolt it by hand (see the rubber gloves comes in handy). Clean the bolt.

Remove the oil dipstick and let the oil drain for a few minutes. Stand the bike up straight and move it from side to side to get all the oil in the oil pan.

3. Filter Removal

Use the filter wrench or simply drive a screw driver through the top of the filter then unscrew it. Watch out below as LOTS of oil will come out. Paper towels!!!

4. Install the new filter.

Clean the mating area with a towel, make sure you don’t let any dirt get in the crankcase. Bring out the new oil filter. Make sure the o-ring is seated correctly. Apply new engine oil to the o-ring. Screw the filter on with hand. Do not over tighten. Official torque figure is 12 ft/lb.

5. Replace drain plug

Clean the drain area. Put the drain plug back on. Tighten it with a torque wrench if possible to 31ft/lb. By hand tighten it to hand tight plus half turn I believe. DO NOT over tighten. If you strip the threads I see trouble ahead!

6. Add new oil

Replace the oil dipstick and add new oil. With BOTH oil and filter change it will require 2.85 quart. Do not over fill. Check the dipstick for levels WHILE bike is straight.

After adding new oil, start the engine and let it warm up for a few minutes. Check underneath for any oil leaks. Hope you don’t find any. If you see liquid dripping from the exhaust, that’s most likely water from the pipes. Make sure though.

7. Reinstall the cowling.

You are done!
Last thing: it’s a good time now to check and retighten ALL fairing mounting bolts as they come loose quite easily‚Ķ

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