2000 R6 Slider Install: Cutting The Fairing

Part 1.

Expenses: One 2″ whole saw bit and one Magic Marker. I also used my hand drill, Dremel/sander bit, a 17mm socket/ wrench, and a phillips. Take a magic marker. Cut off 3/4s of it. Tape up the end, so it doesn’t leak all over. Take off the fairings. Take off one of the engine mount bolts. Put the marker in the hole backwards. This will mark the fairing when you put it back on. Put the fairing back on, and make sure the marker marks the spot. Take the fairing back off, and drill a pilot hole. Then, use the hole saw bit to finish the drilling. Next, use the Dremel or sandpaper to take off the edges. Take out the marker and mount the sliders. Put the fairings back on and your done.

Part 2.

After the last install, I thought I had posted the best frame wise way to do it, but after going to the track, I picked up on some things, so I’m going to tell you a new way. Your mid cowling has a main bolt near the top. You know you are looking at this bolt because it has a rubber washer on it. This bolt goes into you Delta Box. Take the mids off. Tap and Die that hole to the size of bolt you want to use for the Magic Mushrooms (frame sliders). Put your fairings back on and put the Mushrooms on. You have just installed frame sliders without cutting you fairings. I would recommend this if you are going to do moderate track time then sell the bike. It does not give the ultimate strength of the first method and it will make the grounding points different. ie: your bike might have a little less damage, or a little more when grounded. The grounding test has not been tested. I’m sure you have read the original technique on installing Magic Mushrooms, this can be found in the “How To” as well. I would recommend this for the full on race jockey. It will be able to take more impact (or impacts) because the bolt goes into the engine creating a more solid, immovable placement. Have fun putting them in, if your not having fun working on your bike you are in the wrong sport.

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