January 2010

Heck, while your busy entering to win the Miller Motorsports Yamaha R6 you would be stupid not to enter to win a Yamaha YZ-450F from Yamaha.

Good luck!


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As much as I wanted to keep this to myself I have to post this.


Rockwell Time Watches and the Miller Motorsports Park are teaming up to give away a Yamaha R6 at the end of the 2010 Supercross series. Rockwell has been displaying the bike at many of the events they promote. To enter, all you have to do is go to sbkusa.com, click on the contest link, and fill in the fields. Use “ROCKWELL” as the contest code.

Whoever wins better post up!

This January has been odd. It’s about 45 degrees and we haven’t seen a flake of snow. Being so nice out I took the bike (2006 Yamaha R6) out of storage, started it up, and took it around the block. I AM HOOKED AGAIN!

Tomorrow the insurance goes on, the tank gets filled, and I go riding! YEAH! Happy new riding year fellow enthusiasts!

Keep the rubber side down!

My baby, 2006 Yamaha R6.

Y-6R6-S-0When I got home today there was an exciting package waiting for me. Inside I knew there was a beautiful integrated tail light from www.motodynamic.com. This is a good looking tail light! As I pull it out of the packaging the attention to detail is instantly obvious. All the plastic lines are crisp, the plastic is well smoked but not overly so, and the microprocessor is discreetly tucked away as not to interfere with the light. I can’t wait to get this installed.

The two features I love about the Motodynamics Integrated Taillight is the three quick flashes when braking and the sequential turn signals.

Since I am upgrading from the Clear Alternatives I am well aware that the closeness of the signals makes it harder for nearby drivers to quickly tell which direction I am signaling. The progressive signals make that much more obvious by systematically lighting the signal outwards which almost gives the light a wave look.

If there is one thing motorcyclists need to worry about in stop and go traffic it’s getting rear ended. I watch every car coming up behind me just to ensure I don’t end up as some F5000 Double Deluxe Duty’s morning snack. The Motodynamics Taillight helps warn incoming drivers you are there by blinking the brake light three quick times before going to solid red. Now instead of manually blinking my brakes I can pump a few times and know a very obvious brake light is flashing.

Motodynamics got the idea of sequential signals from traffic signals that inform drivers they need to change lanes. The signal is recognizable and obvious. Every cager will be able to to see and recognize it.

Installation is no different than any other taillight and the instructions included were far superior to the Clear Alternatives model I had previously installed. Essentially all you are going to do is:

  • Remove the rear fairing.
  • Pull out the old taillight and unplug it.
  • Install the new light being sure to match the correct left and right turn signal to the appropriate wire. This is done by turning on your left turn signal and making sure the attached wire triggers the left signal on the taillight.
  • Reinstall fairing.

It didn’t take me more than 45 minutes to install it slowly.

When you install your tail light it is also a great opportunity to add or remove the rear foot pegs. Removing foot pegs gives the bike a much cleaner look if you don’t carry passengers often.

Any Motodynamics unit comes with a six month warranty against manufacturing defects.

More purchase information can be found on motodynamic.com or you can email them at sales@motodynamic.com or call at (626) 618-2026.

Don’t forget to email us a great story of you on your Yamaha R6 for a chance to win this bad boy.

Or you can find Smoked Integrated Taillights on Amazon.