Michelin Power Pilot Road & 2CT Tire Recall

Michelin Announces Motorcycle Tire Recall

To date, no accidents or injuries reported
Release date: June 15, 2007 GREENVILLE, S.C. —

Michelin has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Transport Canada that it is recalling Michelin® Pilot® Power 2CT and Pilot® Power 120/70 ZR 17 (58W) front motorcycle tires with the “Made in France” markings in the United States and Canada. This recall involves these specific tires only and has no impact on any other Michelin tires. Related actions are under way in other countries.

An examination of these tires showed a possible defect in the tread due to a manufacturing irregularity. No cases of pressure loss have been reported and no accidents have occurred.

Because rider safety is the primary concern, Michelin has decided as a precaution to replace the 120/70 ZR 17 (58W) Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and Michelin Pilot Power front tires, which can be identified by the following markings on the sidewall:

a “Made in France” label
DOT 6UCW 980T or DOT 6UCW 979T

Any consumer in the United States or Canada who believes they are affected by the recall should not wait to receive notification but should call Michelin Consumer Relations at 1 866 324 2835.

The company will be replacing all potentially affected tires in a comprehensive commitment to retrieve from the market any tire that does not meet Michelin quality standards. Replacement tires are available at no cost (including mounting and balancing) to consumers through participating Michelin® motorcycle tire servicing retailers.

About Michelin
Dedicated to the improvement of sustainable mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles and the space shuttle. The company also publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America (www.michelin.com) employs more than 22,000 and operates 19 major manufacturing plants in 17 locations.

NOTE TO EDITOR: Attached is an illustration of how to read a sidewall DOT code to assist consumers in determining if their tires are affected by the recall.

About the DOT Code and Tire Identification Number

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) markings serve as the tire’s fingerprint and signify compliance with U.S. Tire Safety Standards. The DOT code can be found on the sidewall right above the rim printed in small type less than half an inch tall.

Make sure your tire is of the make and model:
Michelin® Pilot® Power 2CT or Michelin® Pilot® Power 120/70 ZR 17 (58W)

Then, look for a DOT code 6UCW 980T or DOT 6UCW 979T on the sidewall.

If you are having difficulty identifying your tire’s DOT code, please ask your local tire dealer to assist you or call Michelin Consumer Relations at 1 866 324 2835.

Dot Marking Illustrations
STG Notes: Michelin will be replacing the affected tires as well as covering the cost of mounting and balancing the new tire for the cusotmer. The most effective way for this to be taken care of is for the customer to take the tire to a local Michelin Dealer and have the tire replaced. There will be no out of pocket expense for the tire or the labor to mount and balance the tire. As we understand it Michelin will not be covering any shipping cost to exchange the affected tires, so we strongly suggest having this done at a local Michelin Tire dealer.

To date we have sold literally thousands of the 2CT tires. We have had zero reports of any failure or issue with this tire. We have had many customers who are on their second or even third set of the Michelin 2CT’s, not to mention we have used many sets ourselves with zero isssue. Our personal consumption is very high as we have a large staff, many are using this very tire today.

We commend Michelin for being proactive and continue to have the highest level of confidence in the Michelin Brand.

As with any brand of tire we urge you to check the condition and the pressure of your tires daily.

We will post updates as they become available.dot_code1
Tire Manufacturing Location, Size and Brand Information

dot_code2“Made in France”

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