Bike of the Week: Jay Bowman’s 2008 Raven R6 – A Track Weapon

Our first Reader Ride feature is Jay Bowman’s Raven 2008 R6. Jay  has spent quite a bit of time perfecting his pride and joy. There have been many mods preformed. Current mods are HID Headlights, flush mount front signals, rear fender delete, candy red bake painted rims, and custom painted fairings, Vortex Rearsets, Vortex Rear sprocket, Vortex Clip-ons, Pazzo Shorty Levers, K&N Filter, Two Brothers full Exhaust (headers, mid, and muffler, 4-2-1 system) and Two Brothers Juice Box.

Jay spends a lot of time at the track. He frequents Mid Ohio Raceway, Putnam Raceway, Grattan Raceway, and soon BLUEGRASS

The two pics below are his track and street set ups. The pic on the track is at Putnam Park in Indiana, and the flames are his street setup.

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Jay’s favorite mod is certainly the complete exhaust system. Between the weight savings and  power gains it really woke the bike up. The exhaust gave it that good midrange punch while leaving the high end intact. Of course Jay loves to hear his baby scream.

Jay lives by the ATTGATT philosophy on the track and street. Your bike can be repaired but you cannot be replaced.

Jay also submitted a video of his bike on the dyno. That is not him in the video, it’s one of the technicians. Since we have not seen his face we can only speculate on his ruggedness. Some say he was born with knee pucks and that his helmet is airtight. All we know is his bike rocks! Good job Jay!

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