Bob’s 2008 Yamaha R6 with TONS OF AWESOME MODS!

I really enjoy getting emails from users who have found the site useful. Here’s the latest I’ve receieved. This brilliant chap hails from the UK.
Hi , great blog! I  just joined! Here is my R6!
YZF-R6 2008 (Bob Chivers)
1.      R & G crash bungs (supplied with the bike by George White Superbikes)
2.      Powerbronze double bubble screen (supplied with the bike by George White Superbikes)
3.      R & G tailtidy (supplied with the bike by George White Superbikes)
4.      Ohlins TTX36 rear shock with custom spring supplied, fitted and tuned by MH Suspension (My great mate Mark Hammond supplied the First 2009 TTX36 for an R6 in the country at the time, 2009 version came with finger adjustable compression and rebound, took away high and low adjustability in favour of the ‘conventional’… brilliant idea, very easy to adjust)
5.      Front Forks – Ohlins FPK 107 fork piston kit, Ohlins custom springs and Ohlins oil, supplied, fitted and tuned by MH Suspension  (This was again one of the first FPK107 valve kits in the country, mated to Ohlins springs and oil, it also knocks out the high and low compression and rebound circuits replacing it with a more conventional compression / rebound circuit, this single mod made one hell of a difference to the front once ‘Botley’ (Mark Hammond) worked his Isle Of Man TT magic on them, amongst many other of Botleys  TT clients is Mark Parrott )
6.      Ohlins Steering damper with Harris fitting kit supplied, fitted and tuned by MH Suspension (Usual Ohlins damper, however, the Harris mounting kit Botley reckons is the Cats Khahoonas)


7.      DataTool S4 green alarm system (supplied with the bike by George White Superbikes)
8.      CRG CNC shortie (Clutch only) (I did have a pair of these levers, both clutch and brake, but the brake one got replaced with the Brembo jobby, I really like these levers, they really do help as I have small hands, but also, unlike other ‘levers’ CRG also do allsorts of accessories inc rearsets)
9.      Akrapovic complete 4-2-1 stainless Race system (Jamie at Calsport recommended  this system over the Evo titanium, also the race one over the road version, as it also carries a baffle, very handy for Castle Combe trackdays)

Rearsets, exhaust, brakes, suspension... Lucky!

10.   Graves smog block off plates (mandatory with PCV or false readings galore)(You really have to dump the AIS system and replace the system with these block off plates, or the PCV cant lock on to the air ratio as the AIS is dumping fresh air into the system ad hoc)
11.   Dynojet PowerCommander V with custom mapping (by JHS Racing)(I chose the PCV over the Bazazz system as its tried and tested, no disrespect to Bazzer it also wasn’t available at the time in the UK, James did a spot on job with the Mapping, usual high standard from JHS, I simply wouldn’t trust anyone else..)
12.   Dynojet Autotune Wide band Lambda sensor kit (set up by JHS Racing) (I really fancied this autotune setup, simply so I could add stuff at a later date and hopefully not have to use the dyno as its pretty much ‘tune as you ride’ also it allows me experiment with ‘map per gear’ on the PCV and hopefully slightly more HP)
13.   Dynojet quickshifter with secondary module (for top injectors) (I just HAD to get me one of these, simply because its so f*cking cool!… its also a relatively cheap mod it you have a PCV, I LOVE the clutchless roll on throttle upchanges)
14.   K& N free flow filter (Used the K&N as there is only one in the range, unlike BMC which have a road and a race version, the K&N does not have the restrictor plate as does the BMC road version, dunno why but it works well)
15.   NGK Iridium sparkplugs (In my opinion worth every penny, clean running, crisp throttle response, just generally a noticeable improvement over standard plugs, and worth taking the bike to bits for)
16.   InfoRad speed camera detection(mandatory twat detection… a must have and £22 quid of Ebay..bargain, also saved my arse many times!)
17.   Speedo Healer V4 (installed this to bring the speedo calibration back to accurate, and its ended up being awesomely accurate and thats checked with two sat navs !..also records highest top speed, but don’t tell plod)
18.   Brembo M4 monoblock callipers (Absolutely the best mod I have done, no question, you need custom spacers but they cost nothing compared to the gain, See JHS they did mine in 10 mins!, the braking is amazing now, progressive, confidence inspiring and they look the dogs)
19.   Probolt S/Steel calliper bolts (Jap bolts are crap and turn to white powdery shite 20 mins out of the showroom, also easy to cross drill for lockwiring, copperslip and torque them up and forget)
20.   JHS custom calliper spacers (You have to use these if you use the standard R6 discs as the ones supplied are 5mm too long as they are meant for brembo’s 320mm disc not the 310mm yam one)
21.   Brembo RCS 19 mastercylinder (The best master cylinder on the road, ratio adjustable so can be used with standard brakes, or twist the pivot pin red side up and its automatically set up for Brembo caliper.

22.   Gilles AS31GT rearsets (Super accurate shifting, just what you need with a quickshifter, no slop or wobble…sexy looking too)
23.   Gilles Titanium ACM rear axle nut (extravagant yes, but its never let me down, very clever locking system means it wont fall off, also being Titanium it wont rust… or scratch)
24.   ProBolt Titanium rear sprocket nuts (Saved almost 150 grams off the rear wheel as rotating mass, they don’t rust, and… they are sooo easy to spin off to change sprockets)
25.   Afam 46 tooth 520 pitch hard anodised rear sprocket (I was ‘sort of’ talked into one of these after being a Renthal man most of my life… as good as…if not better than the big R, also went one tooth up from standard on the back to aid ‘punch’)
26.   Afam lightweight 15 tooth 520 pitch front steel sprocket ( As above, but one tooth lower than standard… well pleased, a very cheap and effective mod)
27.   Renthal RR4 SRS 520 pitch chain (I really like these chains, over the years I have tried them all, they last very well and don’t stretch much, I chose the 520 pitch conversion as it saves a couple or one BHP)
28.   Rizoma Race Oil cap and safety wire bracket (I saw this in the Rizoma catalogue and I knew I just had to have one)
29.   Oberon CNC fuel cap (Beautifully looking CNC fuel cap, but a flawed genius, the O-rings have turned to slime twice in two years, however the customer service is brilliant, they admitted they had problems with fuel resistant o-rings, but hopefully its now sorted, but it still looks cracking I reckon.

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