Fender Eliminator For Cheap


I don’t know about you but I detest paying extraordinary amounts for simple items. Undertails AKA fender eliminators are often far more expensive than should be reasonable. Here is how I went about and some other options.

I used ebay. I found a little known seller who makes undertails for all sorts of bike and bought one of his. It cost me $40 with shipping and included a license plate light, which I consider important. I just recieved the undertail in the mail and am very impressed with it. It’s sturdy, attractive, and a lot smaller than the giant contraption previously on my bike.

The other option you have is to make your own. This should be fairly simple.

1. Cut an outline of your fender mounting bolt holes.

2. Buy a very thin piece of sheet steel that you can bend with some force. Be sure that you have enough room on the steel to drill the holes for the mount as well as the bend and the holes for the license plate.


3. Drill holes.

4. Bend the steel to accommodate the license plate. You can probably get away with the plate not being completely vertical. 😉

The brake light should be sufficient lighting.

Hope that helps. Feel free to comment on how you did it.

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