Carbon Fiber R6 Frame Slider Review

Here is a simple warning to those considering purchasing some No Cut Carbon Fiber Sliders.


I purchased some from Amazon and instantly discovered three insurmountable problems.

1. The bolts are to short and can easily strip the threads on your frame. My frame now needs to be rethreaded.

2. The Left side uses a aluminum extension to avoid cutting the plastic. In a high speed layover this will bend or break, leaving your bike totally messed up.

3. The cut in the sliders will weaken the sliders so much that they might just bust off in the event of a wreck.

Do yourself a favor, don’t get some crappy sliders. You spent good money on your bike so get some good sliders.

Here are the sliders I recommend NOT getting.

Dont buy these.

Don't buy these.

On the upside, Shogun makes some really good sliders that can be had fairly reasonably on Ebay or Amazon.

03-05 Yamaha YZF R6 R6S Shogun Frame Sliders No-Cut Black

06-07 Yamaha YZF F6 Shogun Frame Sliders No-Cut Black

08-09 Yamaha YZF R6 Shogun Frame Sliders No-Cut Black

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