Fieldsheer has recently changed distributors and as a result much of their clothing and gear was on sale for super cheap. I picked my pair up for $136 in size 30 even though I wear a 32. They fit perfectly.

The quality is the first detail that I noticed upon wearing them around. The leather and stitching is top notch and even after 3000 miles of riding they show no signs of premature wear. The leather has broken in comfortably and without anything that would make me unhappy.

The great thing I love about these pants is now I feel so much more naked if I ride in jeans. Of course, seeing the pictures of legs that look like steaks helped. Now I ride in gear all the time and it isn’t nearly as big of a deal as it was. Something about not wanting to be in pain makes a bit of sweat worth it.


These pants include slider velcro (unbelievably strong) and zippers to attach a similar fieldsheer jacket. The zipper makes the outfit a bit safer by making it harder for the pants and jacket to seperate.

The short and sweet. I really like these pants and have no hesitation about recommending them to anyone else.

Keep the rubber side down!