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Yamaha just partnered up with Silver Star to design a custom one off Yamaha R6. This is what they came up with.

Here is their press release:

CYPRESS, Calif., March 2 /PRNewswire/ — Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S. is pleased to announce a unique collaboration between Silver Star Casting Company, Custom Builder Nick Anglada, and World Renowned Tattoo Artist Franco Vescovi. With a Yamaha YZF R6 as their canvas, the team has created a Southern California Rat Rods and Low Rider inspired motorcycle to pay tribute to Silver Star Casting Company.

This one-of-a-kind piece of art was unveiled with great fanfare at the Yamaha display during the Chicago International Motorcycle Show. Immediately following the unveiling, MMA Professional Fighter Clay Guida (The Carpenter) signed autographs for the many fans in attendance.

“Silver Star is a lifestyle brand and one of the top MMA brands—showcasing at the International Motorcycle Show gave us a platform to display our full range of capabilities”, says Silver Star founder and CEO, Luke Burrett. “The custom Silver Star Yamaha is the perfect representation of Silver Star’s signature edge and “Built For Champions” ideology, and is a testament to the brand’s strength in the market.”

Silver Star Casting Company is an “in demand” lifestyle clothing brand with an innovative style. Based in the apparel hub ofSouthern California, Silver Star delivers trend setting merchandise to retailers nationwide.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work together with a brand as distinctive and progressive as Silver Star”, said Bob Starr, General Manager of Communications for Yamaha Motorsports Group. “We believe this unique R6 that Nick Anglada and Franco Vescovi have created for them will be just the tip of the iceberg of our new partnership.”

Please stop by to see this unique motorcycle on display at the Silver Star booth inside the Ocean Center during Daytona Bike Week.

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Y-6R6-S-0When I got home today there was an exciting package waiting for me. Inside I knew there was a beautiful integrated tail light from This is a good looking tail light! As I pull it out of the packaging the attention to detail is instantly obvious. All the plastic lines are crisp, the plastic is well smoked but not overly so, and the microprocessor is discreetly tucked away as not to interfere with the light. I can’t wait to get this installed.

The two features I love about the Motodynamics Integrated Taillight is the three quick flashes when braking and the sequential turn signals.

Since I am upgrading from the Clear Alternatives I am well aware that the closeness of the signals makes it harder for nearby drivers to quickly tell which direction I am signaling. The progressive signals make that much more obvious by systematically lighting the signal outwards which almost gives the light a wave look.

If there is one thing motorcyclists need to worry about in stop and go traffic it’s getting rear ended. I watch every car coming up behind me just to ensure I don’t end up as some F5000 Double Deluxe Duty’s morning snack. The Motodynamics Taillight helps warn incoming drivers you are there by blinking the brake light three quick times before going to solid red. Now instead of manually blinking my brakes I can pump a few times and know a very obvious brake light is flashing.

Motodynamics got the idea of sequential signals from traffic signals that inform drivers they need to change lanes. The signal is recognizable and obvious. Every cager will be able to to see and recognize it.

Installation is no different than any other taillight and the instructions included were far superior to the Clear Alternatives model I had previously installed. Essentially all you are going to do is:

  • Remove the rear fairing.
  • Pull out the old taillight and unplug it.
  • Install the new light being sure to match the correct left and right turn signal to the appropriate wire. This is done by turning on your left turn signal and making sure the attached wire triggers the left signal on the taillight.
  • Reinstall fairing.

It didn’t take me more than 45 minutes to install it slowly.

When you install your tail light it is also a great opportunity to add or remove the rear foot pegs. Removing foot pegs gives the bike a much cleaner look if you don’t carry passengers often.

Any Motodynamics unit comes with a six month warranty against manufacturing defects.

More purchase information can be found on or you can email them at or call at (626) 618-2026.

Don’t forget to email us a great story of you on your Yamaha R6 for a chance to win this bad boy.

Or you can find Smoked Integrated Taillights on Amazon.


Fieldsheer has recently changed distributors and as a result much of their clothing and gear was on sale for super cheap. I picked my pair up for $136 in size 30 even though I wear a 32. They fit perfectly.

The quality is the first detail that I noticed upon wearing them around. The leather and stitching is top notch and even after 3000 miles of riding they show no signs of premature wear. The leather has broken in comfortably and without anything that would make me unhappy.

The great thing I love about these pants is now I feel so much more naked if I ride in jeans. Of course, seeing the pictures of legs that look like steaks helped. Now I ride in gear all the time and it isn’t nearly as big of a deal as it was. Something about not wanting to be in pain makes a bit of sweat worth it.


These pants include slider velcro (unbelievably strong) and zippers to attach a similar fieldsheer jacket. The zipper makes the outfit a bit safer by making it harder for the pants and jacket to seperate.

The short and sweet. I really like these pants and have no hesitation about recommending them to anyone else.

Keep the rubber side down!

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I’ve been thinking/talking about this project ever since the folks at Yamaha brought us this stock header back in 2006

They certainly didn’t do us any favors with this welded on/unremovable boom box. If it were as simple as cutting it off and adding a Y-pipe I’d have done that a long time ago.

We experimented with it and found that it robbed the R6 of low to mid-range, right where the bike needs it most. Since we couldn’t get it to perform the way we wanted, I wasn’t going to put my name on something like that and the idea sort of “died on the vine.” I never stopped thinking about the idea and finally, we’ve built a better mouse trap.

Weights – 18 lbs for the OEM headpipe assembly with boom box (no muffler). After modification with our complete merge collector installed is 6 lbs, 9 oz. Weight savings of about 11 lbs, 8 oz.

Heat – There is a large difference in radiant heat with the boom box removed. The new modified system also cools down much, much quicker.

Please keep in mind that we DO NOT SELL A MID-PIPE. This is a header exchange program only! You send us a stock header that is straight with no cracks kinks or bends and we send you out an already modified stock header. It sells for $349, $20 for shipping. There are NO exceptions to this program. We are inundated with people asking to buy just the “mid-pipe” and do the modifications themselves. I wish it were that easy, it’s not.

We bought up some stock headers and have developed an exchange/core program. A customer can send us their acceptable stock header and we’ll send out an already modified header. Here are the details in the new modified header.

The merge collector unit will be a spring mount slip fit. Essentially we make a set of outlet spigots that get welded to the headpipe collectors. We join cut/grind down the OEM weld, and weld on these spigots so the essentially look more original/OEM. We then weld spring hooks onto the headpipe. The new Hamilton Merge Collector slips onto the outlet spigots and is secured with springs. The springs look trick, and also provide a little movement for the various differences that can occur from bike to bike. A little movement is also a good thing to prevent any possible breakage from binding.

The collector outlet also houses a CNC’d 304 series stainless steel 02 Bung to utilize the OEM closed loop system. The Merge Collector kit is very different from other options (from a pure engineering standpoint). It is a true merge collector that is blended (in the opposite way of theirs) for superior flow and seamless design. All thin gage 304 series stainless steel in A269 highly annealed tubing (the absolute best). All tig welded in a fully purged atmosphere using an argon/helium mixture. The production “main” collector tube will be vectored and mandrel bent in one piece. The secondary collector tube is also mandrel bent and blended with full merge cut for maximum flow/velocity. These are important details that add up to a very high quality product. In short, not some bogus Y-pipe! This will exit at the stock location 1.75 diameter and work with the OEM exhaust or any aftermarket slip-on. In addition, we’re going to offer an optional Race muffler kit with a 2.0 inlet adapter for a full blown race exhaust.

1) This is thin gage 304 series stainless steel in A269 highly annealed tubing (the absolute best). The stainless steel O2 bung that we use for it costs us $25 alone. I could buy a cheap steel one for a lot less but it’s not the right way to do it.

2) This is a true merge collector where the I.D matches exact to the shouldered O.D. of the pipe it meets up with. This is a far more involved process that has a clean, smooth internal bore, seamless design, and increases gas flow/performance. Simply welding it together (poorly, I might add) creates a turbulent effect inside of the header. This is simply exhaust manufacturing 101.

3) Look at the welds on the other products available?!! We are using a TIG stitch weld, a vastly superior method. These are TIG welded in a fully purged atmosphere using an argon/helium mixture.

4) Your not just getting a “mid-pipe.” Your getting a modified stock header that has been cut, grinded, and had a new set of outlet spigots that get welded to the headpipe collectors to accept the new merge collector.

Now I suppose I could MIG weld steel to the stainless stock header and then paint it black to hide the work. I could also cut angles on pipes and weld them together instead of having it vectored and mandrel bent. But I would never put my name on something like that. These are important details that add up to a very high quality product. If price is all you’re concerned with, then I agree, there are certainly cheaper options available. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

E-mail me at: or call me at: (330) 289-9053.

E-mail me at: or call me at: (330) 289-9053.