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Brembo and Yamaha Parts and Accessories Division, USA have formed a partnership to sell Brembo’s race-winning product, for Yamaha YZF-R6 and YZF-R1 applications, through the Authorized Yamaha Dealership Network.

“Advanced research and development procedures together with experience accumulated through years of intensive research on the road and track has allowed Brembo to create application-specific products” stated Roberto Pellegrini, Brembo Performance S.p.A. – High Performance Motorbike Sales Manager. “We at Brembo are very pleased to begin this relationship and extend the availability of our product range to the Yamaha enthusiasts.”

The top of the line Brembo parts being offered by the Yamaha Parts & Accessories Division, include monobloc and CNC caliper kits for front brakes, a rear CNC caliper kit, the innovative 19RCS radial master cylinder and the HPK full-floating disc kit.”

Our relationship with Brembo has been outstanding,” commented Bret Snider, Yamaha USA Product Planning Department Manager – Parts & Accessories Division. “Adding Brembo product to our catalog creates another great opportunity for Yamaha owners to one-stop-shop at Yamaha Dealerships for all their accessory needs.”

Brembo, headquartered in Italy with plants in 14 countries, is a world leader and design innovator of high-performance braking systems. It supplies brake systems to the most prestigious brands of passenger cars and motorcycles worldwide. Brembo has also proven leadership in motorsports with its products winning more than 200 world championships.

Brembo is the owner of Brembo, Breco, Marchesini and Sabelt brands and operates through the AP Racing brand. For more information about the exciting new Brembo product for Yamaha applications please visit


For 2006-2009 Yamaha R6 (Non S)

The purpose of this modification is to invert the shift pattern which makes shifting up faster because you don’t have to move your foot  over your shifter every time you want to shift up.

This mod does not work for S model Yamaha R6’s because the shift rod on the newer models does not go through the frame as it does on the “S” models. The R1 linkage also goes through the frame. To complete this mod on an R1 or R6S you will need an aftermarket shift rod or rear set that support GP shift.

This is the shift rod.

For 2006 and 2007 year R6’s you will also need to shave a tad bit off the middle fairing to have it fit correctly.

You will need a 10mm wrench for this modification.


1. Disconnect the 10mm bolt that connects the shift linkage to the transmission and remove it.

2. Pull the linkage off the rod and turn it 180 degrees.

3. Reattach the linkage, being sure to retighten the bolt.

TADA! Completo! Bravo!

There is no real downside to this modification. Another great mod in conjunction with this is rear sets. I recommend the Giles Rearsets because they save 2 lbs and have 13 position settings as well as accomodate the GP shift mod.

Keith Code is no doubt a legend in the motorcycle racing and safety world. To complement his fantastic series of books, Twist of the Wrist I and II, he is releasing a movie for the visually inclined. To preorder one of these no doubt insightful and helpful DVDs go to

Part One: The idea

Part Two: The Making Of

Part Three: Use Of Computer Graphics

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I have pondered long and hard how racers ride such quick laps. Finally Ben Spies is here to explain this in intricate detail. This will make you a better rider for sure!

I am building this list of top ten instructional sportbike racing books with the acknowledgement that some people are going to have different opinions. Thus, I am going to create a nomination list from comments after this is published.

My criteria for a great instructional guide is fairly simple. The author must have credible racing experience and the instruction must be clearly explained in a way that makes application easier to visualize and execute.valentino-rossi-autobiography

Of course, it is very tempting to put such greats as What If I Had Never Tried It: The Autobiography of Valentin Rossi and Ragged Edge: A Raw and Intimate Portrait of Road Racing. But I shall refrain.

1. Sport Riding Techniques: How To Develop Real World Skills for Speed, Safety, and Confidence on the Street and Track

2. The Soft Science of Roadracing Motorcycles: The Technical Procedures and Workbook for Roadracing Motorcycles

3. Performance Riding Techniques Second Edition: The MotoGP Manual of Track Riding Skills (Moto Gp)

4. Motorcycle Track Day Handbook

5. Twist of the Wrist: The Motorcycle Roadracers Handbook (Vol 1)

6. A Twist of the Wrist 2: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding

7. Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques

8. Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way

9. Art and Science of Motorcycle Road Racing

One thing to keep in mind is there are a lot of great riders that use different techniques. There is no one perfect way. You have to do what is comfortable for you.

And now a moment of truth. As an avid street rider as well I consider my racing skill to transition to the street to help keep me alive. How many of you have read these books?

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