tjUsing certain techniques can greatly increase the longevity and decrease the repair costs of your Yamaha R6. Here are a few of the methods I use to keep my baby in tip top order. I’ve included links to other articles that relate.

The first order of maintaining your motorcycle is not to crash. Ride within your abilities and the constraints of your surroundings.

DrivetrainSuper Bike

Since the Yamaha R6 is quite powerful one of the most vulnerable parts to strain is the drive train. This includes the transmission which is a wet clutch lubricated with the engine oil. Simply put, the less stress subject your drive train to the less wear it will have. [click to continue…]

Installing the CA integrated taillight can be a pain if you don’t know what goes where. The instruction that come with the kit aredscf2546 minimal at best. Here is how to get er’ done.

Obviously you have to take off the stock fender. To take out the tail light you have to take off the undertail, before you do that make sure you disconnect the wiring and the clips that hold the tail light in. THEN take off the undertail. (refer to: for in depth instructions on how to remove the fairings) Now replace with the CA light. go ahead and plug in the new tail light after you have the undertail back on as it should just plug into the oem harness. You should have one brown wire, one green wire, one black and one blue wire. [click to continue…]

Wonder of wonders, another R6 owner has written brilliant instruction on how to put LED turn signals in your foot pegs. This will work for any bike on a general level but these instructions are designed for an R6. It is certainly an advanced mod that needs to be done with precision to look great but, done well, it will look fantastic.

Spoogin’s LED Peg Blinker Guide

Note the left foot peg.

Note the left foot peg.