This really isn’t a complicated topic as the best brands are very similar in quality. The primary reason I wrote this is to warn you away from the cheap filters.

Oil Filters known to work on 99-05 R6 and R6S models
Yamaha: 3fv-13440-00
Fram: ph6017a
Purolator: ml16817
Emgo: 10-82232
Perf-form: j-503
Wix: 51358
Napa gold: 1358
Carquest: 85358
K&N: kn303
Mobil1: M1-110
ACDelco: # PF2057
OEM Honda: #5410-MCJ-000

2006 +

Mobil1 M1-108

Most people prefer the Mobil1, K&N (which I like because it has a nut attached to it for easier removal), or Purolator filter, and discourage Fram, although any of those will fit.

If you still have a craving for more information on motorcycle oil filters this website is an excellent information resource.

According to the R6 User’s Manual, an oil and filter change is due every 4,000 miles. Here is an illustrated guide to make it easier for you.

Preparation: Proper preparation can make for a quick and clean job, so here’s what you need.

Phillips head screw driver
16mm wrench
torque wrench (if possible)
oil filter wrench (if possible, but I didn’t use it) or a long screw driver
oil pan with at least 3 quart capacity
newspapers, lots
paper towels, lots
pair of rubber gloves(make for much cleaner hands) [click to continue…]