The guys at Sportbike wrench do an INCREDIBLE writeup. Professional level video combined with the skill and expertise of Dave Moss, who has obviously been around a few motorcycles in his time.

Source: The great guys at Sportbike Wrench

tjUsing certain techniques can greatly increase the longevity and decrease the repair costs of your Yamaha R6. Here are a few of the methods I use to keep my baby in tip top order. I’ve included links to other articles that relate.

The first order of maintaining your motorcycle is not to crash. Ride within your abilities and the constraints of your surroundings.

DrivetrainSuper Bike

Since the Yamaha R6 is quite powerful one of the most vulnerable parts to strain is the drive train. This includes the transmission which is a wet clutch lubricated with the engine oil. Simply put, the less stress subject your drive train to the less wear it will have. [click to continue…]

Dave Moss is pretty much a suspension guru over at He has written a series of articles on suspension setup that brilliantly explain the complicated procedure of setting up, adjusting, maintaining, and generally loving your suspension. Many a wise old man has told me suspension is the key to going fast, not power, though power helps. Below I am going to list them out. In later posts I will talk about each on individually and how they relate to the R6.

Motorcycles 101 – Understanding Suspension Adjustments, Part 1DSCF4292

Motorcycles 101 – Understanding Suspension Adjustments, Part 2

Motorcycles 101 – Understanding Suspension Adjustments Part 3

Motorcycles 101 – Understanding Suspension Adjustments, Part 4, Forks

Motorcycles 101 – Understanding Suspension Adjustments, Shocks, Part 5

Lowering A Motorcycle also has a great list of settings for different sized riders for different types of riding that is totally worth checking out.