Formosa Motorcycle Cover for Sport Bikes

My initial impression of this cover was rather splendid since I purchased it so cheaply.My credit card gives me Amazon points after a certain dollar amount is reached so I only spent $7. Just about anything is a bargain for $7. I’ll break down the pros and cons for you.


1. Well made. The edges are not fraying and my pegs didn’t punch holes in it right away. I suspect it will last a while.

2. Light enough and packs small enough to take with you in case you need to cover your bike at your destination. A bit to bulky for a long trip though.

3. Covers the entire bike. There are gromets and little bungie cords to secure the opening on the bottom so dust doesn’t get in that way either.

4. It fits my Yamaha R6 perfectly and I imagine it would fit any other 600cc class bike as well.


Keep in mind this is a $25 cover. For the money I think it’s great.

1. Not waterproof. Since I garage my bike I don’t care. I imagine it would still wick 98% of the water off and a little condensation would get through.

2. If you put the cover on directly after you park the bike you can melt it on the hot stuff. This is more a common sense issue and doesn’t really reflect on this cover specifically.

Here’s a link to the cover on Amazon.

Here’s a link to the cover on Amazon.

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