Get Your R6 Featured!

Beginning September 16th we are taking submissions for the featured bike of the week. The feature will include pictures of the bike, modifications you have done, your riding experience, any advice you have for fellow R6 riders, videos you have, and your favorite place to ride.

To enter the contest email us at Include pictures, information about yourself and your bike, your favorite place to ride, how much work you have done on it, and any information you would want to share with other R6 owners.

These posts are read by thousands of fellow riders. Submit your bike and claim to fame. This is a chance to show off your brilliant bike and for us readers, learn about some cool mods or cool tips from fellow owners.

Remember, submit…

1. Pictures and video of your bike.

2. Mods you have done. Your favorites and why. Details are appreciated.

3. Your riding experience.

4. Tips for other riders.

5. Favorite place to ride

6. Anything else you want to mention.


Have fun out there!

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