2004 GSXR-600 Review

First, a little bit about my background. I have grown up on motorcycles, Dirtbikes and streetbikes. I don’t consider myself a pro but I have some decent skills. I don’t stunt or show off. My bike is a convenient, fast, economical, and fun way to commute.

I bought my 04 Suzuki GSXR-600 in yellow with 7300 miles and in mint condition. I highly recommend either buying your bike new or buying from an individual you trust to have taken care of the bike. Just a small mistake in the maintenance can turn your fun toy into a massive money pit headache.

First off are the looks. Personally I would not take any other bike for the looks. The all yellow 04 model is stunning. Not only does it get a lot of compliments despite it’s age but the flashy yellow is highly visible to all those inattentive drivers. Combine that with the high intensity light and you have a pretty effective “look at me” factor.
Comfort wise, it’s a sport bike. Expect cramped legs and sore wrists on long rides. You get used to the position but it will never become “comfortable” like a cruiser or BMW will be. I don’t mind the position as it is very comfortable for intense riding.

My GSXR-600

My GSXR-600

Performance. The reason anyone buys a sport bike. A 600 is only going to give you so much performance. It may be enough or it may not. I have grown up riding bikes that were supposedly to be to much for my weight so the acceleration on the 600 is a bit underwhelming. When I say underwhelming I don’t mean slow. 1st will get you to 70 in a hurry. Most people can’t even handle that. I mean that the front end isn’t begging to come off the ground unless you pop the clutch. Fast doesn’t happen until way up in the tach. If you don’t get the bike past 11k RPM you won’t experience the acceleration like a 600 can provide.

Bottom line. A 1000 will provide a lot more performance than a 600. However, a good rider on a 600 can spank a 1000. It all depends on skill.
I seriously think that if a new rider has a lot of maturity not to ride the bike hard everywhere that he could learn to ride on a 600. These bikes are only as dangerous as you make them. Chances are though that a new rider will get himself in a position that he is not skilled enough to handle and will crash.

I love my bike. I love everything about it except the lack of low end torque which can be helped with a dyno tune and, bigger sprocket, and a power commander. Those are on the way.

I highly recommend anyone who wants a sport bike to get one as soon as possible. You experience only live once. Be smart on your bike, ride in your limits, and have fun. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Here’s a link to some fun Suzuki mods.

Ride Safe!

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