How Adjust Valves On The R6

This How To Guide was written off of a 2000 R6.

The Valves: They are fairly easy really. This is where re-jetting your bike would have helped you, because you will have to take the tank, airbox, carbs, and then some, off the bike. I would say getting the manual is a very good thing for this. I got some helpful info from the board, but there is nothing some good illustration to go with it, so I ended up going and having some stuff copied from my local shops manual. I had to do this, since my manual did not end up coming with the other parts.

After you get the carbs off, you will take a couple minor plastic coverings off so you can see the head(cam) cover. Take your spark plug cables off and take off the cover. You will see the cams and the cam chain. You will need a feeler gauge and you must look at the spec clearances in the manual. Shims are basically small metal pancakes that come in all different sizes. These are what hold your valves in the position they are in. So, when you do a valve job, basically you are just changing shims out. ie changing the size of the shims. I found my clearances to be tight, mostly just in the exhaust, so I went down in the sizes of my shims. Ok, the manual will tell you how to adjust your cams, so they are in the right place for you to measure your clearances. You will have to take the ignition cover off to do this, so you might as well replace the ignition adv. with an adjustable one, and replace that cover gasket and the cam cover gasket as well.

Ok, now that you know the clearences, you unbolt the cams, and lift them up and take the lifters out. The lifters are basicly an upside down bucket that cover your shims. Take those out and then the shim for it. The shim will have a number on it. That is what you must go by to order new ones. After you order the new ones(which the manual will tell you how to order) them you put those in the given slots. Then it’s all about retorquing everything. I didn’t mention this, but you must write down what shims you got and where they are. This way, the next time you go to change them, you will now right away what ones to get. I will make a clearer How To later, so if this is a little confusing don’t worry. Just know that it really isn’t that hard at all, and other than ordering the wrong shims, it’s imposable to screw you’re bike up.

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