How To Buy A Yamaha R6 On Ebay

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. This stuff is obvious and I’m sure everyone spending good money does them.

  • Read the description completely. Look for ways the wording could have double meaning.
  • Always assume you are getting the bike just as you see it with no gaurentee or warrenty. Even though there may be one make the purchase as if there isn’t one so you don’t get screwed.
  • Ask as many questions as you can think of. Cover every aspect of the bike. If something goes wrong and you have to submit the problem to Ebay you want as big of a paper trail as possible.
  • Analyze the seller feedback. Duh.
  • Know the final cost and if you can cover it. This can include loan fees, delivery fees, and paypal fees.

The attraction to buying on Ebay is the large selection, generally lower prices, and how easy it is to look at so many bikes. You can find anything you could want for your R6 on Ebay also.

I often browse the bikes just to check out all the great deals but it’s hard making a decision on which bike is best. Here are a few ways to find the right bike and just as important, the right seller.r6large

  • The questions you ask should be answered completely. If you sense evasion or incompleteness ask a follow up question for clarifcation. This should either resolve the problem or indicate they are not being truthful.
  • Ask for high resolution pictures from every angle of the bike and all the moving parts. Check for exsessive amounts of dirt in odd places, scratches, and basically anything not mentioned in the ad.
  • Personally, I would never buy a salvaged motorcycle over the internet. To many things to go wrong.

Ebay and Paypal both have excellent buyer protection systems which you can read about here and here respectively.

Here are some of the Yamaha R6’s on Ebay that are being sold soon.

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