How To Change Your Spark Plugs: Video Edition

Sorry for the multiple parts. Until I can get off my ass and write this up, or someone does it for me, this will have to suffice.

There are some parts where he isn’t completely clear so I’ll trying clarifying when I can. Feel free to ask questions. In fact, please ask questions.

Remove the Motorcycle Seat

Remove the Fuel Tank

Remove the Air Filter Box

Remove the Velocity Stacks & Air Box Case

Remove the Solenoid

Remove Motorcycle Ignition Coils

Remove Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Inspect Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Set the Gap for Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Replace Old Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Replace Motorcycle Ignition Coils

Replace Motorcycle Solenoid

Replace the Motorcycle Air Filter Box

Replace Back Motorcycle Fuel Tank

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Replace a Motorcycle Seat

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