How To Get The Streamline Look From Your R6


Perfect example of a flush undertail.

A perfect example of a flush undertail.

The Yamaha R6 comes with a lot of ancillary stuff on the back of their bike that disrupts the visual and aerodynamic flow of the bike. Here is a guide on what to buy and how to install it. I find three things especially annoying on the R6 tail. The fender, the rear turn signals, and foot pegs. I don’t know about you but having someone on the back just ruins the ride for me so I took them off. The first step is to remove all this junk.

1. Take off both the seats. The rear removes with the key on on the left underside and the front has two bolts under the rear of the seat. You just need to push the rear of the seat up to see them.

2. Remove the rear top fairing.

3. From here you can easily see the tops of the pegs and remove them with an allen wrench. I am working on finding some peg plugs that will fill those remaining holes.

4. Under the rear seat and under the tool kit are four bolts that hold the fender in. Unsnap all the wiring and undo the bolts. The fender should come right off. That’s it for removing parts. It’s super easy.

Now for the fun part. Putting stuff on. Here is the list of things I put on my bike.

1. Clear Alternative Smoked Integrated Taillight from This turns your brake light into turn signals as well. It looks extremely sharp. You can find a specific review of it here.I paid $100 after shipping.

2. Fender eliminator from Ebay. Mine came with a plate light. I paid $40 with shipping. I think I did a pretty good job of bargain hunting. It pisses me off that companies can charge $150-$200 for a license plate holder. Ok, now for the install.


Each side of the tail light lights up when turn signals are activated.

1. The tail light goes in exactly how the old one came out. Just stick it in and make sure the notches at the back are lined up. Then hook up theelectronics and you are set. That’s all there is. When you wire up the tail light the brake lights (large plastic connector) plugs right in. The two yellow wires are for the turn signals. Connect the appropriate wire with the appropriate medium connector. There is a little bit of testing that has to be done to make sure you don’t wire the left signal to fire when you cue the right signal. I snipped the medium connectors off the stock fender to connect the wires. Here is what the instructions from Clear Alternative said.

Remove the old taillight and install the new taillight. The yellow wires are turn signal wires. Connect one yellow wire to each off colored wire in the stock connectors (don’t use the black wires) with the supplied red connectors. If you wish to slow the blinking rate install the resistors.

As you can see the directions are pretty unhelpful. Also, here is a good youtube video on how to install the Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight for the R6.

Removing the fender and foot pegs gives the rear of the bike a great flush look.

2. The fender eliminator is the same way. Those four bolts you took out of the stock fender mount will now mount your new undertail. Your undertail should have been shipped with some nuts to sink the bolts into.

I don’t see any reason to replace the entire under-fairing as the lines are already quite nice.

And your off to the races!

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