How To Increase Turn In On Your R6

Perhaps your racing your R6 and need that quicker turn in, or you’ve installed 120/70/17 in the place of the stock 120/60/17s. Dropping the front forks through the yokes if a very simple job that makes all the difference in the way your bike handles. It brings the front wheel closer to the rear making your rake and trail different.

How much should the drop be? Well that all depends on you riding style. I like quick turn in and I have a set of 120/70s on the front of my bike. I race it on the track in like the easy turn in that is available with a 10mm drop. This is how you do it. Find a way to lift your bike’s front end with out putting any weight on the forks. Pit Bull makes a good stand for this, or you can do what I did. Find a place to hoist your bike in your garage. Make sure you have a rear stand. This will help keep the bike stable. I used a ratchet tie down as a come along and wrapped a climbing runner around the two holes in the frame used for the ram air ducts.

A fast but smooth turn in can make or break a lap time.

A fast but smooth turn in can make or break a lap time.

If you have not already, get a measurement of the stock drop. Remember, you will need to be able to compare this to the measurement taken after the drop, so make sure it is in a place that is accessible. There are four bolts in the front that are easy to get to with an allen attachment on a ratchet tool after the side panels are taken off. After those are loose, you will need to loosen the clip-ons. The forks will then slide through the yokes easily. If they don’t, you may need to loosen them up some more. Take your new measurement and then reverse the procedure. You may want to safety wire your clip-ons with you have them out. No one likes to loose a clip-on breaking at the end of a long strait. If the bike is turning in two fast and feels unstable, this could be a sign that you dropped them a little too far. If you bike still feels luggy, like the tires are working against each other, you may need to drop the forks a tad more.

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