How To Install A Midpipe On An R6

Many people buy a slip-on for the 2006-2007 R6 and think that its going to add a lot of power or sound to the bike. Unfortunately the bike was designed with the catalytic converter and resonator underneath the bike. You can find on ebay or other locations a few mid-pipe’s and I chose the T-Tuner one because it’s very reasonably priced and pretty well made.

Ok, Lets begin.

First you want to start by having your helper give the obligatory ONE next to your bike. Now that we’ve done that, we can move on.

Here you can see the big mammoth cat and resonator underneath the bike:

First lets start by removing the side plastics. So take off the bolts for the mid fairing and remove it. Set it aside, maybe on a towel or something so it doesn’t get scratched.

Next start removing the right side lower fairing. There are several bolts and pop-rivets to remove, but its pretty straight forward. Also set this aside on a towel or something soft to prevent scratching.

Remember to unclip the turn signal wire.

Now you can clearly see the header and cat.

Next, we need to remove the header from the bike. Start by loosening the bolts that hold the header to the bike. At the same time you can begin to loosen the mounts for the cat, and you probably want to remove the slip-on. My slip on was only one clamp as I have an aftermarket one. The factory one removes in a very similar fashion.

Once you have the header and cat out, the fun begins…

Take a good sawzall or grinder and cut the cat off. Make sure you cut right at the weld to leave enough “meat” on the header pipe for the midpipe to clamp on to. Our grinding wheel was very thick so we grinded into the weld also to make sure we had enough room.

Take the grinder or a file and clean up the edges…

We then used high-temp ceramic paint to pain the header and midpipe. You can also wrap the header. We didn’t at the time, but we will probably pull the header back off to do so.

All nice and painted. Make sure you let the pieces cure for a few hours before putting any significant heat through them.

Reinstall everything in the opposite order that you started. Install the header first and torque the bolts down to 14 ft-lbs. Then attach the midpipe to the header and tighten the clamp. Then attach the slip-on. Attach the midpipe and slip on to their mounting points, and then tighten the clamps. Do a last check over everything, and start up the bike to check for any leaks. Now you can put the fairings back on…

All Done!

As you can see there is a significant difference in the sound of the bike. At first impression the bike does seem a little more sluggish in the lower RPMs, however I plan to add an air filter and power commander soon to allieviate these issues. The bike feels much more nimble due to dropping the 10lbs of weight off the bottom of the bike as well.

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