How To Install The Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight

Installing the CA integrated taillight can be a pain if you don’t know what goes where. The instruction that come with the kit aredscf2546 minimal at best. Here is how to get er’ done.

Obviously you have to take off the stock fender. To take out the tail light you have to take off the undertail, before you do that make sure you disconnect the wiring and the clips that hold the tail light in. THEN take off the undertail. (refer to: for in depth instructions on how to remove the fairings) Now replace with the CA light. go ahead and plug in the new tail light after you have the undertail back on as it should just plug into the oem harness. You should have one brown wire, one green wire, one black and one blue wire.

You have two ground wires for your blinkers. You dont need those unless you are putting in the resistors. I didnt use them so I have no idea how to hook them up.

Lets run this down.

1. You’ll have a green wire and a black wire wrapped in the same black insulator thing. That’s your right blinker.

2. A brown wire and another black wire wrapped in the same black insulator. That’s your left blinker.

Then you have a thick blue wire, and a thick black wire (these are both connected to other wires with the blue shrink wrap type butt connectors). That’s your plate light.
You should have two yellow wires coming from the new CA light. Those are your blinker wires. This part is pretty much trial and error.

NOTE: before permanently connecting your wires, twist them together. that way when everything is done you can double check that it all works right. and if it does, turn around and connect the wires one at a time so you dont get them confused and have to start over.

1) Pick one yellow wire and touch it to the green wire.dscf4200
2) Turn on your right blinker and see which side of the CA lights up. if the right side lights up you’re good, 2a) otherwise switch to the other yellow wire and touch it to the green wire, test again by turning on the right blinker.
3) Once you have the green wire touching a yellow wire and the right side is blinking, connect those two wires.
4) Now connect the brown wire to the remaining yellow wire.

Now your blue and black wires are your plate light wires. If you have a fender eliminator with a light or an undertail with a plate light, go ahead and hook that up. Otherwise, tape them off for later use. just make sure they arent touching when you do.

Double check that everything works properly. If it all works right, connect everything with your supplied connectors or whatever connectors you decide to use. If your tail light or headlights dont work, check your fuses. You probably blew one durring the install.

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