How To Lubricate Your Chain


First off the best way to lube your chain is to remove it completely.To remove your chain you will need the Motion Pro Chain Tool and a replacement master link. A rear stand will also be very helpful.

If you can, wash it with Kerosene (Yamaha recommends Kerosene BTW), Simple Green, WD-40, or detergent. Apply with a rag and nylon brush. There are other cleaners out there designed exactly for chains. Whatever you use for cleaner make sure you use a non corrosive. If you use something nasty like brake cleaner or gasoline you will damage the o-rings in the chain. Also, if you have a gold chain be sure NOT to use the Castrol Super Clean in the Purple bottle as it will eat the gold off the chain.

Lubrication – After you have cleaned the chain

1. Ride the bike for at least 10 minutes to warm up the chain.

2. Apply your lubricant evenly with the rotation of the tire. If you don’t have a stand you can balance the bike on the front tire and kick stand or just roll it forward.

3. Let the wax set and dry for at least 30 minutes. I would advise all night if you can.

Scheduled Maintenance

A great habit to be in is lubing your chain every other tank of fuel. Keep a small notepad of all your maintenance so you don’t forget anything and you have records of what you have done for a prospective buyer. At the very least I would re-lube it every 800 miles.


There are a variety of excellent lubricants for motorcycle chains. A good thing to know is chain wax is better for long range less aggressive riding because it sticks to the chain better. Synthetic chain oils provide less friction, and thus heat, but fling off more oil. Most people should stick with chain wax.

1. PJ1 Chain Lube. I have used this for the last few years. Very little fling if you allow it to dry.

2. Dupont’s Teflon Dry Chain Wax. I know many people who use this with great results.

3. Maxima Chain Wax. Great stuff. A few notes; if you don’t completely clean the chain the Maxima Chain Wax will have a hard time sticking and you will get fling.

4. Castrol Chain Wax. I haven’t used it and I don’t know anyone who has but I do know that Castrol is a pretty upstanding chemical company. They probably know what they are doing.

5. Yamaha recommends 30W oil. I wouldn’t use it because it would be messy but it would certainly work in a pinch.

Here are some videos to clear up anything I may have missed. They demonstrate on different bikes but the principles are exactly the same.

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