How To Properly Wash A Motorcycle

To wash your bike seems simple but you might be surprise how many incompetent blundering idiots manage to mess it up.

Here are the rules of detailing a bike.

1. Use a clean material. Sponges, rags, and shammies work great but not when they have gravel and mud in them. Even teensy weensy pieces can make your bike look like a cat scratch pole.

2. Clean in sections. If you wet one area down and make sure every part of that area is perfect before moving on you will avoid the mistake of thinking an area is clean because it is wet. It’s always a bummer to find a dirty spot later.

3. Use a Clay Bar before you wax. This will remove the contaminates from the paint which preserves the paint and gives a much better shine with wax.

3. Wax you bike. Find a wax with a high reflective content. It should register in the high 90s. Such wax can be had at an automotive store for less than $20. If you wax the bike not only will it look great but wax also protects your paint.

When you wax your bike you should follow these steps.


Clean bike are great!

A. Make sure the bike is completely dry.

B. Put a VERY light coating of wax all over the plastic fairing and metal but being very careful not to touch rubber or anything you don’t intend to wax. If the wax does come in contact with rubber and dries it will turn white. You won’t get it off easy.

C. Use an extremely soft clean cloth to buff the wax. Move in small concentric circles until all the visible wax residue is gone and a brilliant shine remains.

Never do the below items.

1. You should never completely soak the bike. Modern bikes have complicated electronics that in the rare event they get wet are a pain to replace, not to mention expensive.

2. Never, never, ever, ever, use a wrag or sponge that has touched the ground or an exceptionaly dirty part of the bike. The dirt and rocks will scratch your paint, reduce gloss, and devalue your precious.

3. Be very careful of tipping the bike over. The bike should be completely flat on the gound. I have seen numerous excellent riders have to replace plastic because their motorcycle wasn’t sitting securly.

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