How To Shift Your Yamaha R6 Smoothly and Quickly

The best way to preserve your clutch and shift super fast and smoothly is called preloading. I’ll break it down as simple as possible.

1. When preparing to shift put pressure on the shift lever in the direction you are going to shift. Not enough so that you shift without the clutch but enough so you can feel it on your boot.

2. Disengage the clutch slightly by pulling in on the clutch lever. Pull gently until the pressure on the shift lever gives way and the transmission snicks into gear.

This will require practice but I promise it’s better sounding, better on the clutch, smoother, and faster. In fact, it is a racing technique.

Note that you don’t want to use this method when you are shifing into first gear. For that, pull the clutch all the way in.

How does this improve your ride? Have any suggestions for new riders?

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