Video: How To Track Prep A Yamaha R6 has done an excellent video on how to get your Yamaha R6 ready for the track. Enjoy! Comment below!

Here is a breakdown on what Dave Moss advice.

1. Remove mirrors (10mm) and zip tie windscreen.

2. Tire pressure. Get it exactly right for the brand of tire you have and the temperature of the track. Your track side tired dealer should have the information you need.

3. Tape up all glass and disconnect the electronics via the fuse or physically. Still a good idea to tape up all plastic as well, especially the brake light.

4. Ensure both resiviores for brake fluid are between high and low and there is a proper amount of clean oil in the engine.

5. Chain slack is very important to have right as it can interfer with the susupension and therefor safety. You should have between one and 1/2 inch chain slack. If it is to loose the chain can slip off the rear sprocket and if it is to tight the rear shock will not extend all the way, limiting traction.

6. The suspension is the trickiest and also very important. You definitely should watch the video for this part. Below I have included PDFs of Dave Moss’s articles on suspension setting up. Never force any component and always count the clicks so you know where you are.

7. Tire warmers keep tires at a consistently warm temperature to give full confidence in their traction. Buy some.

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