ICON Field Armor Boots Review

I would give these boots a 7 out of 10 in  general. Here are the pros and cons that I found.


1. Relatively inexpensive. Most boots that protect the ankle cost quite a bit more.

2. Pretty durable. I had a crash in one of these and they faired extremely well.

3. The adjustable bands are nice if you have to put on different sized socks.


1. Quite heavy for walking around.

2. Screws holding bands have a tendency to loosen up and drop off. Hence, on of the bands on my pair doesn’t work.

3. Uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

4. I am not a scientist but I would suspect the protection provided is subpar to a legit race boot such as Sidi Vertigo Corsa’s, which have excellent reviews.

If I were to do it again I would not purchase these boots. I would get a pair of Sidi Vertigo’s.

Icon Field Armor Boots

Icon Field Armor Boots

Sidi Vertigo's: Excellent Boot

Sidi Vertigo's: Excellent Boot

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