Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tire Review

This is the tire to get. I bought this tires on a recommendation from a friend who regularly tracks his bikes and also communtes.

Changing tires constantly can be a pain and we all know how awesome slicks are for the track but the miserable mileage they get on the highway. And hard rubber is a pain to warm up and not nearly as fun. So why not have both?

Excellent Tire

Excellent Tire

The Pilot Power 2CT is a dual compound tire which means the center is hard rubber for excellent highway mileage and the sides are soft racing rubber for maximum grip when it counts. I can’t count the number of times the rear stepped out under turning acceleration only for the soft rubber to catch and bring the bike back up.

Michelin claims the 2CT is capable of a 51.2 degree turn angle. This isn’t a track focused tire but for the rider that likes to get aggressive everywhere he rides. I personally like the additional safety the soft rubber provides.

Buying online seems to be the cheapest route. I purchased my 2CTs from Derby Cycles. The 120/70 front tire was $120 and the 180/70 rear was $150. That is a very good price in my opinion. I could not find them any cheaper anywhere else. I also had some contact with Derby Cycles via email and they were very responsive, shipping was also very quick.

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