Must Haves For Touring On A Sportbike

Here is a list of the things one could find useful on a trip. These are not specifically in order of importance. I hope you get some ideas! Feel free to add you own must haves.

1. Windex wipes to clean bugs off your facemask. They are very easy to pack.

2. Tire repair kit.

3. Tire slime.

4. Water.

5. Snacks.

6. Alternate tinted or clear visor.

7. Bandana. This can be soaked and placed around your neck. Great for cooling down.

8. GPS. You might get lost?

10.  Rain gear. It might rain. If you don’t bring it, it will rain.

11. Pen and paper in case you need insurance information… Or just need to write something down.

12. MP3 Player. Listening to tunes can make a long trip shorter BUT don’t get distracted in town and become some SUV’s side dish.

13. Compact camera.

14. Bits of cash.

15. Baby powder for your aching butt.

16. Camelback to stay hydrated, especially if you are wearing leathers.

17. Duct tape.

18. Small rag with soapy water in a plastic bag.

19. Ziplock bags. These are always useful for anything.

20. Spare key.

21. Chain lube if it’s a really long trip.

22. Spare fuses.

23. Radar detector. Unscheduled stops are never fun.

If you have any more ideas just put them in below.

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