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Here are the reasons I want you to subscribe to and become a participating member.

1. You won’t miss information that I post.

2. You can contribute your opinion, advice, or expertise on a subject I am not completely familiar with.

3. I WONT be sending you any spam!

4. The more people contributing their knowledge to the site the better it is for everybody. I want this to be a community of owners who help each other.

5. The articles will be emailed to you in a professional and organized email. No crappy emails for the site is what I always say.

6. There are lots of different ways to subscribe. Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and my favorite, becoming an author.

7. If you subscribe by facebook, RSS, or email you won’t have to check on the site all the time. Everything will come to you.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe!

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