Shogun Sliders: R6 Review And Install


This is the first mod I have done to my bike. I’m not really sure it counts as a “mod” exactly but still, it’s a modification of some sort. I consider it to be the most important.

First off, I picked the Shoguns for a few reasons.

1. They are simple. So simple in fact that I installed all of them (bar, frame, and swingarm sliders) in about 6 minutes.

Shogun Sliders

Shogun Sliders

2. Extremely tough. I was suspicious that the no-cut solution would be weak but after seeing the chunk of billeted aluminum I worry no more. The plastic is very thick and long. I am confident they would endure a significant slide.

3. They are the best selling sliders. That was important to me. In no way are they flashy. If you are looking for some bling, look elsewhere. These are to protect your bike, not much more.

5. Moderately inexpensive if you shop around. I purchased mine online. The entire set was about $115 after shipping. I definitely recommend the full set of sliders.

6. After installing them I laid the bike down to inspect the plastic for touching. There was zero contact with the ground on the left side and only the pipe would touch on the right side.

I bought mine from Surfside Moto in California for $115 after shipping. According to my research they were the cheapest for a full Shogun Slider Kit.


This was a piece of cake. All it consists of is screwing the sliders into the frame. A few words of caution though.

1. Be extremely sensitive to cross threading. If you cross thread you are seriously messing your frame up.

2. On the frame sliders make sure you have fully grabbed the frame threads with the bolt. On my last slider install I got a few threads on and then cranked on it. Turns out I stripped the soft aluminum threads. No bueno.

I will upload pictures of them on my bike as soon as possible.

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