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I have this cool friend who makes stickers for sites with any sort of followership. He made me these neat sticks for my bike. Turns out that if you only make one you waste nearly three feet of vinyl.  So he made me a bunch. And now I can offer them to you.

So here is the deal. If you submit any sort of tip, review, opinion, article, etc, that benefits your fellow riders I will send you one in an envelope.

Submit here!

The stickers are made from high quality vinyl so don’t worry about it peeling off. If you apply it correctly it will last for the lifetime of the bike. If you want it off it peels off nicely with no residue, like magic.


To Install:

1. Clean the surface with some water. If you don’t the period won’t stick.

2. Dry.

3. Apply the center of the sticker first and press outwards.

4. Rub all the bubbles out.

5. When peeling off the plastic wrap make sure you are careful with the period. It will stick if you rub it in hard enough and remove the plastic carefully enough.

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