Stripped R6 Oil Pan Plug?

First off, this happens a lot. Don’t be to hard on yourself. Second, you don’t HAVE to spend a ton of money ($400-$500) at a dealership getting the pan replaced if you don’t mind working on your bike yourself.

Here are your options.

1. Buy a new pan and have the dealership replace it. Estimated cost: $400+

2. Buy a used pan off Ebay and do the replacement work yourself: Estimated cost: $60~

3. Install a time-sert in the orginal pan’s stripped threads. You uninstall and reinstall the pan. Have an expert do the time-sert. Estimated cost: $70~

Don’t plan on a heli-coil. They are unreliable for the needs of an oil pan plug. Think about it. If this fails not only is your engine going to seize but you will have oil all over your back tire so it’s likely you will crash. NOT WORTH IT.

In later posts I will discuss how to go about #2 and #3.

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