Submit Your Bike For Bike Of The Week And Win A Prize

This round of Bike of the Week is going to be a little different. We have a prize. If you are interested in being this week’s Bike of the Week send me an email at with pictures, videos, and all the relevant details of the bike and yourself as a rider.

The prize, besides getting your bike featured, is a Motodynamics Integrated Taillight (soon to be reviewed here).  To win this nifty taillight:

Reader rides are always fun to read about. I wish I know more about this bike and rider.

1. Submit a cool story of you on your Yamaha R6 with pictures. If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen. 


Like I said, you can win a Motodynamics Integrated Tailight. Unfortunetly R6Blogs are not the most profitable websites in the world so we can’t ship this bad boy all around the world. I’ll ship anywhere in the 48 states. If you want to pay for shipping you can email me and arrange something.

Thanks and keep the shiney side up!

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