1999 Yamaha R6

This is Dean’s R6. Its a 99 which he bought last year. Dean did all the work himself except the wheels.

Here’s a list of mods, perhaps you can find some inspiration for your own bike.

Fitted a Micron exhaust.
Blue levers, foot pegs and crash mushrooms.
Blue Yamaha Hand Grips.
Demon Eyes.
New tail tidy with integrated rear indicators.
New rear hugger.
Full respray in Bayside Blue.
New color coded Stickers made to match the wheels and mudguards.

“I did all this work after I dropped the bike coming off a roundabout on a bike run. I was lucky not to do any serious damage, just broken levers and some slight scratches. Rather then just touch up the scratches in the original blue I convinced my panel beater to respray the whole bike a new color. I thought it was a great idea and so did he once it was done. Needless to say I had to do all the preparation work. And getting stickers off an R6 is a nightmare of a job!!

It is the only R6 likes this I have ever seen in Ireland and it turns a lot of heads wherever it goes and people take a LOT of pictures of it! I absolutely love my R6!

Thank you for looking and great work with the facebook page.

Dean, from Ireland.”

Dean, we love your bike! Keep up the good work!