buying mods

I’ve recently become a fan of Ebay. I bought every single one of my Christmas presents with it. Recently I’ve got to thinking about how to get gear and parts for my Yamaha R6 off there. With the economy being slow there’s a lot of ridiculously good deals. I just saw a front and rear stand for $45! Anything you can buy at full price retail it seems you can either find used, or at a reduced price.

Here’s my strategy.

1. Search Ebay products for what you want and sort by ending last. Find your item.

2. Snipe the product using Auction Sniper. They give you free snipes and they don’t steal your Ebay and Paypal info like some of the others. This one hasn’t let me down yet.
Fast, Simple, Reliable eBay Auction Tools

Here’s what you can expect to see in the Yamaha R6 Parts listings. I’ve organized these by the auctions ending soonest so don’t wait if you see something you want. They’ve only got a minute or so left.