There may have been too little time for this Gixxer rider to speed away but it still serves as a great object lesson.

Here are a few safety tips when stopping in traffic.

1. Always keep an eye on traffic in your mirror. Make sure the nose on that Nissan Armada is dipping, otherwise you may become a new hood ornament.

2. Keep the bike in gear. We know it’s a pain but we also know it takes half a millenium to get into gear while you watch headlights screech towards you in the dark. Popping the clutch out is way easier than getting the bike into gear under stress. When you are under stress you lose your precise motor function. That’s why doing little things when under pressure is so difficult.

3. Have an escape route. Don’t put yourself right in the middle of the lane looking at the backside of a car. Offset yourself so if the car behind you does get ornery all you have to do is pop the clutch and get beyond the next car.

4. I bought the Motodynamics Integrated Taillight for my R6 and loved it. It had a sweet feature that it blinked the brake light when ever I touched the brakes. This got people’s attention. I received comments everywhere about how easy it was to notice I was slowing down. If you don’t have any awesomeness like that, just flash your brakes as cars approach you to get them to notice you.

Studying the mistakes of others is a great way to learn without the usual pain. The playlist below shows riders crashing for all sorts of reasons.

The 1st few crashes (Into the corner) looked like the repaving spot had a bump cause everytime they came off it, it upset the rear and they lost it.

Next few (Out of the corner) looked like they were on the gas too hard too early.

I see a lot of target fixation in these videos, and just about everyone had their knee out, but their head directly above the tank. Kiss the mirror! I miss that road sometimes, but don’t miss the squids.

There are sure a lot of real dumb people out there. Shorts, tee shirts, tennis shoes, why not just take a belt sander to yourself. All though I can see some one wearing that gear if on a short ride, but pushing a bike through the twisties? Thats just asking for it.

Have you ever been in a wreck? What happened and what do you do now to avoid the situation?