The Best Oil Filters For The R6

This really isn’t a complicated topic as the best brands are very similar in quality. The primary reason I wrote this is to warn you away from the cheap filters.

Oil Filters known to work on 99-05 R6 and R6S models
Yamaha: 3fv-13440-00
Fram: ph6017a
Purolator: ml16817
Emgo: 10-82232
Perf-form: j-503
Wix: 51358
Napa gold: 1358
Carquest: 85358
K&N: kn303
Mobil1: M1-110
ACDelco: # PF2057
OEM Honda: #5410-MCJ-000

2006 +

Mobil1 M1-108

Most people prefer the Mobil1, K&N (which I like because it has a nut attached to it for easier removal), or Purolator filter, and discourage Fram, although any of those will fit.

If you still have a craving for more information on motorcycle oil filters this website is an excellent information resource.

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