Tony Bakker Interview

Tony Bakker is an aspiring Road Racer currently riding in the north west. I met Tony on a local forum and he graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions. You can visit his site at

Where did you get your start in motorcycling?

When we lived up near Pine Lake (now Sammamish) The place used to be all woods. My dad bought me a ’73 TM400 Cyclone. That thing was a beast!

Did you have any hair graying experiences while learning?

Not that I can remember. It seemed that riding a motorcycle came natually.

What fascinates you most about Road Racing?

Well, that goes way back to when I was 16. My fascination is with “real road racing”. I used to read the stories about Dick Mann, Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agustini. I would day dream about the Isle of Man constantly. Oh wait, thats still going on! LOL. My ultimate goal with the racing here locally is to get my ACU license from the UK and participate in some Real Roads Racing. My Teammates from KakaRacing will be assisting me.

Do you have any tips for riders looking to be sponsored racers? Any specific knowledge they need to break into the sport?

Sponsorship seems to be tough now a days. Best bet IMO, is get a used racebike. Right now I have no sponsorship except for some donations from my friends in the UK ans Ireland. Nice folks over there.

Tell us about your race bike.

Current bike is a 2006 Honda CBR600RR with a Rockwall Honda race engine pumping 119 rrhp on race gas. Visit my web for the finer details

What is a good way for people to put together their race/track bike? How should they pick their parts, mods, etc?

Buy used from bikes being parted out. As a novice, I dont think you need mods except the basic parts to make you rulebook legal. Look at my bike, complete overkill.

When can we expect to see you racing on TV?
Here,probably never, unless I use my own video 

Thanks for the time Tony!

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